Chapter 719

Ryleigh looked toward her and opened her mouth but wasn’t sure if she should say it. At the Royal Academy of Music… Chenney left her office building and looked around the corridor, then took out her phone to check the messages someone had sent to her. She saw something which made her expression change. “Ms. Campbell.” The sudden voice made her jump. She looked up and saw that it was Louis. She put her phone down, hiding the shock in her eyes. “Yes?” Louis’ expression was ambiguous, “Did you leak this?” Channey was stunned and tried really hard to cover her panic. “What do you mean?” “There's no need to hide. You thought you did this perfectly but forgot that people could easily find out by just following the trail.” Chenney’s face turned pale again, and she staggered backward. “I… I was just—” “When you met Ryleigh, were you worried that she would come back and take away everything you have?” Louis exposed her without a hint of mercy, ignoring her pale face. “You know ver

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