Chapter 723

Louis left without turning his head. The tears on Xyla’s face were slowly drying up. She took a step back and leaned on the wall as she slowly calmed herself down. At Blackgold… Quincy pushed the door open and walked into the office. He handed a document to Nolan and said, “I’ve checked the surveillance cameras around the bar Ms. Mayweather went last night. It’s true that a few thugs nearly raped her.” Nolan scanned through the document and put it aside. “Go find them.” Quincy nodded. After Quincy left the office, Nolan leaned against the back of the chair and rubbed his forehead. His heart had nearly leaped out of his throat when he heard from Saydie that someone had nearly poured sulfuric acid on Maisie. No matter who wanted to harm her this time, he was not going to let them go away. Soon, Quincy found the group of men through the surveillance video. Saydie tagged along with him and came to a billiard parlor, where they usually gathered for gambling. Both of them barged int

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