Chapter 724

“She brought that to herself. I can’t help her. I can’t let the Hannigans get destroyed in her hands!” Nathaniel said expressionlessly. He then went upstairs without looking at both of them. Maizie’s body trembled. Had what she had done been discovered? That was the thought that surfaced in her head. … All of the socialites in Bassburgh were discussing the matter of Maizie getting chased out of the Hannigans, and the news soon reached Maisie’s ears. She already knew from Saydie that it was Maizie who had hired someone to rape Xyla and push the blame to her. By the time she learned about it, she did not know whether she should laugh or get angry. ‘Perhaps this is what they used to say “When you don’t look for trouble, trouble will find its way to you”.’ A female employee appeared outside and knocked on the door. “Ms. Vanderbilt, Ms. Mayweather is here to see you.” Maisie froze, and her eyes blinked. "Let her in." Xyla walked into the office—gone was the arrogant and confiden

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