Chapter 727

‘He might have promised that he would investigate the incident meticulously, but if Joe hadn’t come over just now, I’m afraid that he would definitely come up with something to cover up the incident again.’ Nolan had seen through all of this long ago, but he stood up since the principal had already made him a promise. “Then I’ll wait for the school to provide me with a satisfactory answer later on.” The principal bowed and nodded in his drenched shirt. “Don’t worry, Mr. Goldmann. I’ll be on it right after this.” Nolan stayed behind to deal with this matter while Maisie took the children away from the principal’s office first. Colton kept on complaining about the teacher from the beginning to the end, so Maisie lifted her hand to rub his head. “Mommy is very happy that you were able to protect your sister, but hitting your teacher is really not the right thing to do.” Having said that, she leaned over, stared at him, and flicked her fingers against his forehead. “And not only did y

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