Chapter 728

Ryleigh was a little surprised when she heard that Joe had stopped practicing medicine and had become an English teacher. “He actually changed his career path?” Maisie fidgeted the pen in her hand. “I only found out about it recently.” Ryleigh leaned on the back of the couch, “It’s been a long time since I last contacted Joe. Why don’t we fix a date and time for the three of us to get together someday?” Maisie looked at her. “Then we’ll still have to resolve your issue first. Didn’t you mention that Louis has found new evidence?” Speaking of this, Ryleigh picked up the pillow and hugged it in her arms. “Yeah, he’s found something.” Maisie propped her hand against her chin and let off a faint smile. “Then you have to show him your appreciation. He’s out there running around and investigating the little things just for you, so to be honest, I won’t believe anyone that says that he doesn’t have feelings for you.“ Ryleigh’s expression looked weird. “Does he have feelings for me? Is t

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