Chapter 729

It was a rainy day the next day. The cold autumn breeze blew against the car’s windows as the raindrops rolled down the foggy windows, blurring the scene outside of the car. The car was parked outside the hospital entrance, and Maisie got out of the car with an umbrella and opened it up. “Uncle Kennedy.” “Sorry to have to trouble you to come to pick me up even on a rainy day.” Kennedy took the umbrella in Maisie’s hand. “This is no big deal.” Maisie looked down at her watch. “I’ve already reserved a private room in a restaurant in advance on your behalf, and Aunty Samantha should have arrived at the restaurant.” Kennedy nodded and got into the car with her and the umbrella. When they reached the restaurant, the waiter led them to the private room and opened the door for them. Samantha was already sitting there waiting for them. Maisie stepped forward. “Aunty Samantha, sorry that we’ve kept you waiting for such a long time.” Samantha stood up slowly and replied with a smile, “Th

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