Chapter 730

Eugene glanced at Kennedy, who was sitting beside Samantha, and mocked, “Oh, do you think that another man would take you in after your divorce?” Kennedy’s expression changed when he heard Eugene’s extremely rude comment. “Mr. Boucher, even though Ms. Green is your ex-wife, insulting her is really not something a man should do. Is this the upbringing of the Bouchers?” The insinuating sarcasm infuriated Eugene. “Just who do you think you are? How dare you judge me when I’m around?” Samantha was well aware of Eugene’s temper and was worried that he would really make a move on Kennedy. “Eugene Boucher, if what you aim to do here is to create a stir, then get out of here and do it elsewhere.” “Oh, you’re already starting to defend him?” Eugene did not give in at all. He walked up to Kennedy and grabbed him by the hem of his collar. “If you want to stand up for this woman, you’ll have first to see just how capable you are.” Kennedy stared directly at him with his unwavering gaze. “So

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