Chapter 744

This was the first time Helios punched Nolan in front of Maisie, and this was also the first time Maisie saw Helios lose his cool in front of everyone. Helios looked at Nolan expressionlessly and said, “I've long wanted to do this since three years ago when you said you're giving her to me in front of her.” Nolan froze. Helios stepped forward and grabbed Nolan’s collar. “We have grown up together since we were kids, so you should know me very well. If I really wanted to get her from you, do you think you’d stand a chance against me?” Nolan did not say anything. Maisie loosened her fists and took a deep breath. “Mr. Boucher, let him go. I have something to talk to him about.” Helios let Nolan go. He bent down to pick the mask up from the ground, dusted the soil from his shirt, turned around, and left. Maisie looked at Nolan calmly and said, “I have Helios' contact number because when he was filming a movie, he was the guarantor when his crew rented the jewelry from Soul Jewelry.

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