Chapter 745

Morgan fell silent for a while before saying, “Alright, then. Suit yourself. Do what you want to do.” After he hung up the call, Helios handed the phone back to Nina. Nina looked at him and asked, “Mr. Wallace has a huge reputation in the entertainment industry. Even the most top-tier celebrities wouldn’t dare to say no to him. If you reject him, wouldn’t he—” “Don’t worry. I’ll explain to him afterward. Besides, the time limit the Bouchers gave me is almost up. I can’t rely on my achievements in the entertainment industry to convince my family.” If Helios wanted to part ways with his family, he first had to get recognition from his grandfather. In other words, he had to get the investment project in Winston Island. Meanwhile, Maisie threw a pillow and blanket on the floor. She turned to Nolan and said, “You’re going to sleep here tonight.” After that, she turned around and closed the door. Nolan was a tad slower. He tried to turn the doorknob, but Maisie had locked the door f

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