Chapter 748

Ryleigh hesitated for three seconds, then quickly opened the door and looked up at him. “Yes.” On Winston Island… Four people sat in the car and enjoyed the island's scenery along the way. The roadside was full of cherry blossoms, and they looked as if they were parallel to the horizon, which had almost been blurred by the color of the sky and ocean as both blended into one. The scene changed and became different when the car entered the underwater tunnel and passed through the underwater platform. Many cars and buses filled with tourists were parked in the parking slots of the observation deck, and many tourists were standing in front of the observation deck to look at the vivid scene of the seabed. The car was parked in the parking lane, and Maisie and Nina got out of the car and walked toward the observation platform. Winston Island’s underwater tunnel was worthy of being the largest and most expensive project Zlokova had ever undergone. It was the only tunnel that allowed its

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