Chapter 749

Maisie had seen through his thoughts long ago. She could not understand why Nolan would have such a bad impression of Helios. “It’s obvious that you’re the one who’s creating the trouble everywhere, and you actually have the guts to blame it on others!?” Nolan sealed her lips with his lips, and Maisie used the cap to cover their faces for fear of being seen. He succeeded in kissing her and could not help but give off a triumphant smirk. He then buried his face in her neck. “Zee, when will we get the chance to be alone? I don’t want to bring these two third wheels along with us anymore, and…” Maisie raised her eyebrows. “And?” He looked aggrieved as he rubbed his body against her. “You won’t even let me sleep with you at night.” Maisie trembled, looked left and right, and quickly pushed his shoulders away. “Don’t be ridiculous. There are many people here.” Nolan smiled. “What about when there are not many people?” She flushed with rage. “Don’t push your luck!” He said domineerin

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