Chapter 753

Helios and Nolan were friends, and since the news about them being on Winston Island was all over the Internet, it proved that they had quite a deep friendship. Rejecting work to help his friend would help him get support from his fans, and negative news wouldn’t get to him easily. If the advertisers weren’t happy, even if they dared gossip about Nolan, they wouldn’t dare make a fuss out of it due to Nolan’s power and good financial status with Blackgold in the business world. Helios stood there for a long time before looking at the coffee on the table. “If I know him well enough, he wouldn’t help me for no reason if I didn’t ask.” Nina lowered her head. “I’m sorry, Hels. Mrs. Goldmann came to see me.” He took a sip of the coffee and smiled. “I knew she had something to do with this.” Nina smiled. “Mrs. Goldmann just hopes that you have a better relationship with Mr. Goldmann.” … Ryleigh took a stroll in the hospital park. She didn’t need to stay at the hospital anymore, but sh

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