Chapter 754

Joe shook his hand out of politeness. “Joe Watson.” “So you’re Joe Watson.” “You know me?” Joe narrowed his eyes. Ryleigh was confused and got closer to Louis to ask, “How do you know Joe?” Louis looked at her. “That picture.” Ryleigh paused and only reacted after a long time. “What? My dad gave you that photo?” Louis smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with him giving my fiancee’s picture to me.” “You…” Joe looked at them quietly for a while and smiled. “I’m going to see my grandmother.” “Your grandma is admitted?” Ryleigh ignored Louis and looked at him. Louis’ eyes flared. Joe nodded. “She’s getting old now and was admitted because her blood pressure was too high. My mom is taking care of her. I need to go and visit.” Ryleigh watched him walk away. Louis put his hand over her eyes to cover her view. “Don’t want him to leave?” Ryleigh slapped his hand away and looked up. “What do you mean ‘don’t want him to leave? He’s my friend!” “Friend?” Louis crossed his arms, raised h

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