Chapter 755

Louis put his hand on her shoulder, “Not confident with yourself?” Ryleigh pushed him away gently. “I can’t…” The old man walked over. “Do you want to try playing?” Ryleigh was shocked, then waved her hand. “Sir, I…” The man laughed generously. “It’s alright, just try. I won’t say anything even if it’s not great.” Louis gave her a push. She looked back at him before taking the viola. She hadn’t touched any musical instrument for many years, and when she held it, she had an astounding feeling. It was a familiar feeling. Ryleigh stood where he stood, and the people taking a walk in the park looked toward them. Ryleigh calmed herself and started playing. Maybe because she was too nervous, it made a sharp noise. She froze while her hand shook. The man patiently guided her, “It’s alright, don’t be nervous. Think of it as a practice.” Ryleigh let go of her thoughts after the man’s consolation. The sound of the viola floated around in the park. A lot of eyes were on them, and peo

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