Chapter 762

The middle-aged man thought it made sense. “Mr. Quintin, $15,000,000 isn’t a small amount.” However, Quintin ignored him and glared at Nolan. “I’m curious. Since you can come up with $15,000,000, why don’t you transfer it directly instead of bringing it to us in cash?” Nolan’s eyelids twitched. “I told you that I’ll be paying you the $15,000,000 in cash, and you’ve agreed to it too, haven’t you?” Quintin thought of something all of a sudden and got up abruptly with a gloomy expression. “Are you trying to buy time?” Nolan neither denied nor admitted it. At that moment, someone hurried in from outside and shouted, “Mr. Quintin!” He approached Quintin, leaned over, and whispered something into his ear. Quintin then smashed the wine glass in his hand to the ground. “You’ve played me again!” Quintin’s subordinates approached the exit in an orderly manner and blocked it. Helios and Nolan were being held in the bathing area on the fifth floor and were unable to escape no matter what.

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