Chapter 763

The police broke in through the door at this moment, and those who reacted to it fled, while those who got shot fell to the ground and were subdued. The scene was chaotic for a couple of minutes. Quintin was pressed against the ground, detained, and then taken away in handcuffs by two police officers. Nolan’s vision turned blurry, and he vaguely heard someone shouting at him. ‘It sounds like Helios, and…’ “Nolan!” Maisie burst into tears, knelt beside him, and hugged him in her arms as warm tears dripped onto his blood-stained cheeks. Nolan saw Maisie, who was weeping before his eyes, and moved his lips before completely losing consciousness. Nolan was carried onto the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Maisie was always by his side, grabbing onto his hand, which was getting colder and colder. The doctor put a mask onto Nolan’s face to supply him with oxygen and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him. Upon arriving at the hospital, a group of hospital staff members ru

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