Chapter 764

Nolan had been in a coma for four days when Nicholas sent a private jet to Winston Island to transport him back to Bassburgh Hospital. Quincy stayed back on the island to deal with the developers and Quintin. It was obvious that the incident had enraged Nicholas. And because of the injury that Helios had suffered, Yael did everything in his power to impeach the upper management of the Winston Island jurisdiction. All the hot spring businesses on Winston Island involved in violent crime and investment frauds were closed down. Even the directors of the development companies had to abandon their right-hand men to protect their reputations as they tried their best to cut ties with any hot spring businesses that Quintin owned. They even submitted a list of Quintin’s accomplices to the police anonymously and the evidence of illegal activities he was involved in over the years. Even though the Goldmanns and the Bouchers could not infiltrate Winston Island with their influence, this was t

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