Chapter 765

The elders of the Bouchers had never taken a liking to Nolan as a kid, and neither did Helios’ grandfather. Still, Helios knew very clearly that it was because he had met Nolan when he was a child that he knew what kind of person he wanted to be, what kind of life he wanted to live, and how he could choose a path in life that would not make him regret. He then added. “I wouldn't have grown up to be the Helios that you know today if I hadn’t met Nolan back then.” Richard’s expression looked cold and stern. He got up and left with a sullen face in the end. Yael stopped in front of his son, raised his hand, and placed it on his shoulder. “Just do whatever that you want to do.” Helios froze in place and looked up. “Father...” Yael’s grasp intensified before he retracted his hand, turned around, and went upstairs. Helios walked out of the villa while Francisco was leaning against the wall, with his arms crossed. “Helios, I’ve regarded you as an idol ever since I was a boy because you

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