Chapter 766

Before Maisie could do anything, Nolan’s thumb lightly touched her finger. Ryleigh laughed, and her shoulders shook. “I didn’t lie. Mr. Goldmann is conscious!” Maisie got up, sat on the edge of the bed, and bent down to look at him. She put his hand to her face and cried happy tears. “Nolan, you can feel this, right? You can hear me too?” But after a long time, Nolan didn’t respond, nor did he wake up. Still, it was good enough that he was conscious. Nighttime, at the club… Francisco carried Helios out of the room. Helios had drunk quite a lot and was drunk. “Hels, you’re not drinking, you’re just buying alcohol.” He helped Helios put on shades and a cap, then checked his pockets and noticed something. “I dropped my wallet. Wait for me here, don’t go anywhere.” Helios leaned on the wall, bent down, and put his hands on his knees. He needed to throw up, but nothing was coming out. He stood up straight and gulped down some warm water before sitting on the couch. He took o

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