Chapter 768

The car parked nearby hadn’t driven away. Helios watched the scene unfold and felt complicated. He was really too careless. Francisco asked, “Hels, are we leaving?” He looked back and rubbed between his brows. “Let’s go home.” One week later, at Soul Jewelry… “Uncle Kennedy, why don’t you rest a little longer?” Maisie saw that he was already in his office and was worried about his injury. Kennedy raised his arm and smiled. “It’s almost back to normal now. It’s fine, don’t worry.” Maisie walked out of the elevator with him when Kennedy asked her about what had happened with them on Winston Island. The media knew what had happened there because it was so shocking, but the fact that Helios and Nolan had almost died wasn’t known. The Bouchers and Goldmanns hadn’t announced it but rather settled it in private because there would only be problems if it was announced. She looked down and smiled, “We were just there for a vacation. The investment was made up to cover for Mr. Bouch

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