Chapter 769

Maisie sat on the couch and flipped through a magazine. Ryleigh put one dress on and walked out. The color made her look old, so Maisie shook her head. She changed into another one, but the color was too bright. It wasn’t suitable. Ryleigh changed a few times, but Maisie shook her head every time. She asked the shopkeeper to bring the one that she had looked at just now to her and sent Ryleigh back into the fitting room. It looked a lot better than the few before that. After trying on a few more, Ryleigh leaned on the wall, exhausted. “Zee, I’m going to die from trying.” Maisie thought with a hand under her chin and pointed at the one that the shopkeeper was wearing. “Try that one.” “Another one?” Ryleigh was tired. Maisie nodded. Ryleigh had to go in again. Maisie stood up and walked toward her when she came out. The dress she was wearing was light green with white embroidery, and the collar was velvet lace. The fresh color looked great on her, giving the impression o

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