Chapter 770

Ryleigh and Maisie left the salon. Maisie saw how Ryleigh hung her head and looked lazy, so she put a hand behind her back and tapped it. “Stand straight, be confident.” Ryleigh didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. “I’m just going for an interview. Is this necessary?” Maisie said in a serious tone, “Of course, think about it. A lot of professors at the music academy are young. You should focus on your presentation. You can’t attend an interview without being serious.” Ryleigh thought what Maisie said made sense, so she nodded. “You’re right. I’ll stand straight.” She stood straight. Maisie chucked and poked her waist. “Be more natural.” Ryleigh avoided it out of reflex and covered her waist. Maisie wasn’t happy, so she tickled her. They laughed out loud, ignoring the stares of the passersby. At the hospital… Helios walked into Nolan’s room, placing the flowers in his hand into a vase. Nicholas walked in and saw Helios, then paused. “Helios, you’re here.” Helios turned, l

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