Chapter 771

During the third time, Helios had taken the initiative to look for her at Soul Jewelry with the excuse of renting jewelry for a cooperation. His only goal had been to make Nolan feel stressed, and he indeed had reached his purpose in the end. Then, his cousin told him through the phone that a pit viper had bitten a woman named Maisie and asked him to bring Professor Leonhardt to the training camp. When he arrived at the training camp, he knew for certain that Nolan was serious about the relationship between him and Maisie after seeing how worried he was. However, when Nolan was infected with the virus, he had refused to tell anyone about his infection and insisted on getting a divorce from Maisie. Helios knew that Nolan just did not want Maisie to become heartbroken. He still loved her from the bottom of her heart. After all, Nolan was not someone who would give up halfway on anything once he felt it was the right way. However, when he had to give up, he must have his reasons to do

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