Chapter 772

None of them were wearing professional attire. They were all dressed up properly and looked sharp. Ryleigh had put on her light green custom-made dress. The flower pattern on the side of her dress was life-like, and there was a string of pearls embedded in the lace of the collar. Her shoulder-length hair was tied into a flower braid to reveal her face. She had only put on light makeup, giving her an elegant, classy, and graceful vibe. The people waiting outside turned their heads and looked at Ryleigh, causing her to feel uncomfortable. She lowered her head and mumbled, “Do I look weird, Zee?” Maisie patted her shoulder and replied, “Be more confident in yourself, alright?” Ryleigh took her number and went to the side to wait for her turn. As more and more people went in for the interview, she became even more restless. When Maisie saw her clenched fists on her lap, she thought of something and looked outside through the window. “Ryleigh, I remember you used to tell me that when

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