Chapter 76

Maisie blushed. She had been tricked! She shook off his hand and said, “That’s not fun.” She turned around to leave, but Nolan pulled her back and pinned her to the wall. Her hands that were trying to push him away were constrained. She looked at him, alarmed. “Nolan Goldmann, if you touch me—” “Weren’t you asking for lessons?” Nolan got close to her, and the hand that was behind her waist moved to the clasp on her back and released it. As the cold palm glided over her skin, she shuddered and clenched her jaw. “Nolan!” Nolan lowered his head to kiss her, not giving her a chance to speak. No! Maisie squirmed. Her clothes were no longer in place, but the worst part was that her body was not rejecting this. Seeming to anticipate Maisie’s bite, he moved his lips away, making her almost bite her own lips. In that short moment of separation, Maisie raised her hand, ready to give him a slap. Alas, he grabbed onto her wrist. He put his hand behind her waist and pulled her against

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