Chapter 77

Daisie said, “How could you hide that from us!? Hmph!” Waylon was rendered speechless. Ryleigh raised her hand to keep their voices low. “I wasn’t trying to hide it. If I told you, your mom wouldn’t be kind to me!” Colton thought that made sense. ‘Mommy would definitely do something to her.’ “Don’t worry. You’ve been nice to us. We won’t let Mommy do anything to you,” Daisie chirped. “Did Mommy not want us to know about this?” Waylon said calmly. Ryleigh nodded and said, “Your mother had no choice. You know about Mr. Goldmann and Willow. Honestly, your mother is pushing Mr. Goldmann away because of Willow.” The three nodded. They thought so too. ‘Mommy cannot accept Daddy because of that woman.’ That was why they had to kidnap their father home, or their mother would kick him out. Colton’s smartwatch vibrated. He pulled up his sleeve to take a look. The coordinates shown on his watch indicated that it was very close to them! When they had gotten their father’s phone numbe

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