Chapter 776

In the ward… Maisie leaned against the wall and looked at Nolan, who was reading a book with the kids. Daisie mentioned that Helios had come to visit her father a few days ago, and Nolan only responded with a faint smile. Judging from Nolan’s demeanor, which felt the same as back then when he reacted to Daisie’s comment about Helios, Maisie knew that Nolan had regained his memory. The two children still had to go to school, so Nicholas came back to pick them up and told Nolan to rest well. The two children bade their father goodbye and left with Nicholas. Maisie was also about to leave the ward too when Nolan stopped her. She stood still behind the door. Noticing that the figure behind her was approaching, she did not turn around but only withdrew her hand that was already holding onto the doorknob. Nolan hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Are you still angry?” Maisie did not say anything. He then pecked her ear with his warm lips. “I won’t lie to y

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