Chapter 777

Maisie got out of the car, stood in the yard, and realized that weeds had been growing all over the flower beds in the courtyard. The door lock had fingerprint access set on it. She stepped into the living room after unlocking the door with her fingerprint. All the furniture was covered with a dustproof cloth, and the walls and chandeliers all looked brand new. Nolan’s phone call came through at this time, and she picked it up. “You seem very free, huh, Mr. Goldmann?” “Where are you?” Maisie opened the French window’s sash. “Take a guess.” Nolan smirked as he stepped into the courtyard. “Do you really want me to guess?” Maisie stood in the backyard, staring at the seascape in the distance. “You’re so smart. You should be able to guess it.” He snorted. Maisie was astonished when she heard the physical footsteps that came through the call, and they were very clear. A silhouette overshadowed her head silently, and a slender, tall figure of a man was reflected in the windowpane.

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