Chapter 778

Katrina laughed along with him. After leaving Eugene, her life had undergone earth-shattering changes, and the difference between the two lifestyles was so great that she found it extremely difficult to accept it. She was unwilling to go back to living the life she had before meeting Eugene. And because she could not appear in front of Eugene and had to hide from the public, the Glitz Club was the only place that would take her in. She knew that Eugene’s wife had divorced him, but she did not expect his ex-wife to be living in the same condominium as her. ‘Could it be that Eugene didn’t lose half his assets and properties during the divorce procedures, and the woman agreed to leave him without getting anything from him? ‘D*mn it! If the scandal between Eugene and me hadn’t been exposed, and Eugene still didn’t know about the secrets that I had on my cell phone, why would I need to stay here and throw myself at these old and filthy men for a living? ‘Those videos ended all possibi

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