Chapter 784

Nolan pinched her chin. “Are you worried about Daisie?” Maisie returned to her senses. Although Nolan had regained his memories and claimed that he remembered everything that happened after his amnesia, he should know… Maisie held his hand. “Daisie has grown up into a young girl now, I think… Let’s get Saydie to teach Daisie some self-defense techniques.” Nolan rubbed the top of her head. “I’m okay with that. Allowing Daisie to pick up another skill will prevent her from suffering in the future.” “Oh, by the way,” Maisie remembered something, “I asked a friend of mine to stay in the Goldmann mansion for the time being.” “Is the friend that you’re talking about the daughter of the Chases?” Nolan squinted his eyes. Maisie nodded. She knew that Alfred would definitely have informed Nolan about that. “You don’t mind, do you?” Nolan wiped away the oil stains on the corner of Maisie’s lips with his fingertips and lowered his voice. “She is your friend. I certainly wouldn’t mind.” The

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