Chapter 785

Mrs. Salvadore trembled. “You...” Katrina walked up to Maisie at this time. “Mrs. Goldmann, this is indeed a matter between Yelena and us. Don’t you think you’ve overstepped a little bit too much?” Maisie replied to her with a smile on her face, “Ms. Zalensky, since you have the guts to bring this matter to my company, then I’ll have the guts to take this matter into my own hands. Besides, Ms. Zalensky, shouldn’t you be the one who knows best who’s the mastermind behind Ms. Chase’s incident back then?” Katrina’s expression changed in shock as she stared at Maisie in amazement. ‘Barbara actually told her about that too!?’ She originally thought that Maisie did not know what had happened to Barbara back then, and that was why she had brought Mrs. Salvadore here on purpose—to make Maisie believe that Barbara was a murderer. However, unexpectedly… ‘But regarding the truth behind the incident, even though Barbara knows about it, the video is now gone, and the person is now dead. Even

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