Chapter 786

Katrina was stunned. Barbara didn’t show any expression. “Go ahead, I don’t care anymore. If you want to threaten me, go ahead.” She turned around. “I don’t know if the Chases will even care about your threat.” Barbara walked out. Maisie turned to look at them and let Kennedy drive them away. Katrina gnashed her teeth. “Don’t you dare leave!” Barbara stood with her back against the railing in the corridor and looked out the window. Maisie walked toward her. “It’d probably affect your family quite badly if it were to be exposed, huh?” She remembered that Barbara had mentioned her father was going to step back, and her uncle would take over when that happened. The video that Katrina had had could threaten the secret of the Chases. If the secret didn’t exist, the Chases would simply ignore her. Maisie had always been curious as to why Katrina kept going against Barbara and framing her. After witnessing their exchange today, she finally understood that Katrina wasn’t only fo

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