Chapter 796

Peter’s wife originated from a wealthy family, and she was the woman that was legally married to the Zhivkovs. A ruthless man like Peter could not vent his anger on his wife, so it was only natural for his mistress to suffer. Barbara picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip from it, but she looked expressionless. Maisie glanced at her. “Do you regret it?” She was stunned for a split second and then stared down at the rich coffee in the cup. “I don’t feel regret. I only feel sad for her.” “I once felt so for two people too.” Maisie picked up the pen on the table and fiddled with it. “I sometimes wonder if they would regret it if they were to know what would happen to them in the end.” Barbara laughed. “Are the two people you mentioned the women who had a thing for Mr. Goldmann?” Maisie accidentally flung the pen out of her hand. She quickly covered it with her palm so that the pen would not fall from the table to the floor. “Must you be so honest?” Maisie felt extremely embarra

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