Chapter 797

The waiter led Nolan into the courtyard. A man was sitting in the corner of the outdoor cafe on the balcony. The man turned his head upon hearing the footsteps of someone walking up the steps, and he looked at Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann actually came to see me, I’m truly honored.” “I’m guessing Uncle Topaz is the one who gave you my contact information.” Nolan pulled out the chair and sat down slowly across from that man. Tristan summoned the waiter. “Fancy something to drink?” He replied indifferently, “Anything will do.” Tristan said to the waiter, “Give us another cup of Blue Mountain.” The waiter nodded. “Anthony is indeed the person who gave me your contact information. No matter what, I’m still your uncle.” “My uncle?” Nolan lifted his gaze and looked expressionless. “The Goldmanns have never admitted to the fact of having you as a relative.” Tristan scoffed. “You’re still blaming us for your mother’s encounter. The Knowles actually treated your mother very well, even though y

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