Chapter 808

“Do you know the relationship between this Ms. Chase and our boss? Why does he take such good care of her?” “Don’t ask a question that you shouldn’t be asking. Have you forgotten what happened last time? The man who Meg had her eyes set on last time is Ms. Chase's friend. When Ms. Chase stepped in and told her to stay away from her friend, Meg wasn't happy about it. She went to complain to our boss. Our boss asked his men to give Meg a slap on the cheek and told her to mind her own business.” Both of the girls carried Barbara to a room with antique decorations. There was a wall furnace. The wall was red in color and filled with biblical scrolls. They put Barbara on the bed and closed the door when they were on their way out. … The netizens were oblivious to Barbara's incident, so they were easily manipulated. Michael was busy with his family's affairs, so he had no time to settle the things that were going on on the Internet. Therefore, the name “Barbara” appeared on Google Tren

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