Chapter 809

“No! Don’t come in!” Maisie shouted nervously. The smile on Nolan’s face deepened. After a short while, the door was opened. Maisie had changed into the outfit as she came out of the dressing room embarrassingly. “I’m sure you did it on purpose. Look at this costume…” The dress was short, and the lacy hem was fluffy. The W-shaped collar was deep, allowing her fair skin to be exposed to the air. The waistline of the dress was designed so as to accentuate her tiny waist, and coupled up with the pairs of black stockings that wrapped around her legs like a glove, she looked extremely charming and sexy. Initially, Nolan just wanted to see her in a maid's outfit. He did not expect that she would look so good in it. On top of that, the embarrassed and nervous expression on her face made her look like a lamb to be slaughtered. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down in his throat, and his gaze was filled with desire. Maisie could see what he was thinking through his gaze. Just when she wa

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