Chapter 815

Michael had already stepped down from his position, and the person behind Peter held the same position as Michael. Mr. Boucher would be left in a dilemma once that person managed to get his own man to take over Michael’s position. When Michael was there, he was on the same side as Mr. Boucher. That was why the person behind Peter did not dare to act too blatantly. She then asked, “So what did Mr. Boucher want you to do?” Nolan rubbed the top of her head gently and with a profound smile. “What an entrepreneur is best at. As far as I know, Peter has a batch of red wine that urgently needs to be distributed on the black market. It’s said to be a batch of red wine, but in fact, it’s a batch of stolen goods.” Maisie was astonished. “So, Mr. Boucher wants you to purchase that batch of red wine?” Nolan leaned back in his chair. “Mr. Boucher doesn’t have any connections in the black market, but I happen to have a few of them. That’s why he needs me to join forces with him. Another require

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