Chapter 816

When she got into the car, Saydie said, “Go straight to the black market. They might still be suspicious.” Gerald asked the driver to drive and got a call from Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann, yes, Mr. Zhivkov has taken the money, alright. Okay.” At Blackgold… Nolan put down his phone, and Quincy, who was standing at one side, asked, “Did Mr. Zhivkov suspect anything?” “He wouldn’t suspect Gerald, but he has to believe that no one is behind Gerald to be safe.” Quincy scoffed. “He’s actually quite smart.” Nolan chuckled. “If he weren’t smart, he wouldn’t be where he is today. This batch of goods had to change hands quickly because he didn’t want to be caught. The people behind him wouldn’t take such a risk.” Quincy understood. The Bouchers wanted the goods to get into an accident before it was pushed into the black market so that they could get Zhivkov and the people behind him. Once Zhivkov was investigated, the people behind him wouldn’t be able to get away either. Quincy remembered som

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