Chapter 821

Barbara waved at Maise, and she walked over to her. She pulled the chair and took her seat. "What happened? You seem nervous." Barbara pulled a folder out of her bag and put it on the table. "I found something related to my uncle. He was at the Glitz Club the day of his accident." Maisie picked up the folder and opened it. The surveillance camera captured some images. Barbara took the cup of coffee and said, “The man beside my uncle is the owner of the Glitz Club.” “So you suspect that these things have something to do with the people behind the Glitz Club as well?” Maisie asked as she looked at her. Barbara let out a bitter smile. “I really don't get it. If they want to offer me help, why are they still keeping me in the dark? If my uncle's death is really related to them, the person must be up to something for helping me in the first place. But the Chases and the people from the Glitz Club have no grudges against each other, so I can’t figure out why.” It would make sense if

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