Chapter 822

Nolan put his phone away and chuckled. “I had no idea that Nathaniel, the owner of a chain enterprise, would be related to the higher-ups. It seems like I've underestimated him.” “The Hannigans? They are part of it too?” Yael straightened his body and turned around to look at him. “I’m not sure about Nathaniel, but his daughter is,” Nolan replied as he hit the ball into the hole. “Do you know Tony?” Yael then replied calmly, “Tony is a local tyrant in Asperia. He’s the boss of all of the clubs in Asperia, and you can say that he’s Peter’s boss too. When Michael raided Peter's club, Tony seemed to be aware of it, so he found someone to replace him.” Nolan squinted his eyes. “So he's the one who's going to replace the Chases?” Yael nodded. “That’s right. Tony probably would take over Caleb’s position after his death. It seems like Tony was aware that something was wrong with the batch of goods. I wonder how he knew our plan.” Nolan’s face turned dark slightly. “Probably someone who

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