Chapter 830

“It’s Peter Zhivkov’s son.” Quincy was stunned for a split second after listening to what Maisie said and felt even more puzzled at this moment. “Peter’s son… What kind of information is this?” Nolan pondered over something. Maisie stood back up and propped her elbows against Nolan’s shoulders. “Peter once introduced him to many huge business owners in order to nurture and promote his son. However, what many people don’t know is that although Peter’s son seems to be a good-for-nothing who leads an unrestrained life, he actually picked up a lot of secrets unknowingly.” Quincy was astounded for a moment. “So, this kid is quite an important person in the circle, huh?” Peter had always been a shrewd man. He knew that the people behind him would never let him go after his failure in handling the batch of goods, so he ran away. As for his son, Jaeger Zhivkov, he was only a rich man’s son who only knew how to enjoy his life to the fullest. He would not pose any threat to those people.

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