Chapter 831

“You…” A bodyguard in black heard the commotion and came over. “What’s the matter?” The guard replied, “This fella is making a fuss on purpose.” Helios remained calm throughout the whole conversation. “I’m not trying to make a fuss. But Ms. Chase is indeed having heartburn now. Are you telling me that Mr. Grant isn’t even willing to provide her with medication?” The bodyguard took a glance at Helios, took his cell phone out, and made a call at the side. He then said to the guard, “Go to a nearby pharmacy and get medicine for heartburn. Just satisfy them first whenever they need anything.” The guard was dumbfounded. But thinking that he was only working for someone else, he could only obey the instructions. Helios walked over to Barbara’s side, squatted down, and helped her up. “Are you alright?” Barbara was in so much pain that she could not sit up straight or speak, and a few droplets of sweat rolled down her pale cheeks. Ten minutes later, the guard brought the medicine back

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