Chapter 832

Jaeger left the Glitz Club but was assaulted and taken away the moment he stepped out of the premises. At Blackgold… Quincy knocked on the door of the office. He then opened the door and walked in after obtaining permission. “Mr. Goldmann, we got him.” Nolan closed the documents in his hands. “Have him handed over to Mr. Boucher after we’ve completed the matter.” Quincy nodded. When he was about to leave, he remembered something and reported, “By the way, Mr. Goldmann, Mrs. Goldmann has located Maizie Hannigan. And as expected, she should have gone to find her together with Saydie.” Nolan frowned. ... Maizie still did not know the trouble approaching her at this moment. She had been under the impression they could not track her down, so she was never worried. She was walking out of a designer boutique when she felt nauseous all of a sudden. Thus, she dashed to the bathroom and vomited over the sink. She then turned on the tap to flush out the filthy liquid in the sink, took s

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