Chapter 83

Maisie was startled, and her expression turned sulky. Stephen’s words just so happened to surprise Kennedy, who looked at Maisie and also the employee who was still standing outside the door wondering what to do. “Zee, I’ve always felt sorry for you because of your mother’s affairs, so I’ve always wanted you to inherit Vaenna Jewelry. But it seems that what you did six years ago still wasn’t enough, and you’re actually getting involved with Mr. Goldmann now. Do you even know how to spell the word shame? Mr. Goldmann is your elder sister, Willie’s boyfriend!” Stephen was completely disappointed in her. He had even witnessed what the two of them were doing in the office the other day, so how could he believe that his daughter was innocent? Facing her father’s accusation, Maisie clenched her hands tightly. “Are you lecturing me about shame? Then why didn’t you tell Leila that she’s a shameless wh*re when she climbed onto your bed?” “You shut up!” Stephen shouted sharply. “The matter

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