Chapter 84

“Willow has nothing to do with me. She lied to me for six years and even had the guts to drug me last night. Mr. Vanderbilt, how do you plan to settle this account for your daughter?” Maisie was stunned. ‘Did Willow drug him last night? No wonder he was so anxious and violent last night. I almost became the victim of that scheme.’ Stephen’s expression changed slightly. “How would Willie—” “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to resolve it yourself, but please be reminded that the outcome will be different when I go to her personally.” The sentence was an obvious threat. Stephen’s expression became one of embarrassment, but he could not say anything else. “If it truly is Willie’s fault, I’ll definitely teach her a lesson when I get back home.” Nolan’s tone sounded indifferent. “I don’t want to listen to the word ‘if’.” Stephen knew that Nolan was a man who would do anything. He really would not let Willow go if he did not provide him with an explanation. He responded and pleaded

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