Chapter 844

Seeing that Maisie had fallen silent, Louis popped a piece of meat into his mouth and said with a smile, “Do you know there is something known as ‘the best husband material’ going on in the city lately? Do you know who started it?” Maisie looked at him in confusion. Louis chuckled and continued. “It’s Mr. Goldmann. Some women even demand their partners to love and dote on them like how Mr. Goldmann dotes on his wife.” Maisie put her hand to her forehead and smiled awkwardly. “Seriously?” “Yes. It's not an exaggeration to say that Mr. Goldmann is the most desirable man in Bassburgh. All socialites in Bassburgh are hoping that he will get a divorce as soon as possible. As your cousin and your best friend's fiance, I shall remind you that you should watch out for it.” Maisie sat upright and replied, “What? Who do they think deserves my husband?” There was no way she would allow something like that to happen. If she really broke up with Nolan, wouldn't that give those women a chance

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