Chapter 845

Nolan took a deep breath, his heart pumping fast in his chest. He took off his tie and threw it on the desk. While he tried to suppress himself, Maisie said, “I know I was wrong. I know I shouldn’t have kept you in the dark. Are you still not going to talk to me?” Her voice was filled with sobs while a string of tears fell and trickled down her cheeks. Nolan stopped in front of her, and she couldn’t read his expression. “I want you to rely on me, not ignore me.” “I didn’t ignore you…” Maisie looked at him begrudgingly. “Really?” he asked. He put his hands on the desk and leaned closer to her. “You decide things on your own without discussing them with me. Am I still your husband?” Maisie stretched her arms and wrapped them around him. Nolan did not push her away and allowed her to hug him. With her voice filled with sobs, she said, “I’m sorry. I just don’t want to rely on you to solve everything. Yes, I took over the club, but I’ll give it away once I find a suitable candidat

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