Chapter 846

Maisie stretched out her arms, wrapped them around Nolan’s neck, and laughed out loud suddenly. “Nolan, I told you a secret of mine when you lost your memory.” He stared at her. “And what’s that?” Her eyelashes were wet from the tears, and she kissed him. “I love you very much, Nolan Goldmann.” She found out that she loved him more than she had ever thought three years ago, back when he had given his life to block the bullet for her. Nolan was astonished. He closed his eyes and clasped the back of her head with his hand to intensify the kiss. … Ryleigh walked back from the classroom to the office, and most of the students that she met along the way addressed her as “Mrs. Lucas” instead of “Ms. Hill” when they ran into her. ‘The whole academy knows that I’m Louis’s fiancee now!’ She returned to the office in a hurry and saw many meals brought straight to her desk from Michelin-starred restaurants. Several professors looked at her enviously. “Ms. Hill, Mr. Lucas really treats yo

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