Chapter 847

Ryleigh gobbled all the food and left a lot of crumbs and sauces around her mouth, completely disregarding her image. Her mouth kept moving as she let off loud chewing noises as if she was a small hamster. Louis squinted slightly. She mowed down all the food and beverages and then gave off a burp. “I’ve finally resurrected.” Louis took out a tissue and wiped the oil stains off the corner of her lips for her. “Tsk, can’t you eat like an adult? You have stains all over your mouth.” He was obviously disgusted, but what he did contradicted what he said. Ryleigh snatched the tissue from his hand. “Are you disgusted by my table manners? But there’s nothing you can do. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to Ms. Mayweather, that elegant ex-girlfriend of yours.” Louis raised his eyebrows. “You’re always mentioning her, are you jealous of her?” Ryleigh stood up and smiled. “I don’t like being jealous of others.” She walked to the door. Louis raised his voice and stopped her. R

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