Chapter 871

The few girls at the front looked at each other and asked, “Helios is your cousin? Why don’t you tell us he’s your brother instead?” Ryleigh lifted her chin and replied, “I’m not Helios’ cousin? Feel free to go to the Bouchers and find it out yourself.” After that, she stood in front of the entrance and pointed at them. ‘I warn you. I’ve already called the police, and they’re on their way here now. If you guys don't want to be charged for disturbing the peace and be sent to jail, then get the hell out of here now!” “Who the hell do you think you are to chase us away? Get that b*tch out of here right now!” Those few girls went forward and began pushing Ryleigh. “Who are you calling a b*tch, you bunch of b*tches!?” Ryleigh flew into a rage and began fighting them. However, there was no way Ryleigh could fight against a group of people. Suddenly, someone kicked her, and she lost her balance. She fell on the steps behind her and hit her waist. Her face turned pale instantly, and she n

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